Energy Service

Yearout employs several strategies to increase energy efficiency and reduce costs for your business. Companies across industries turn to Yearout’s energy services team for asset optimization and energy saving systems. Contact us today to learn how commissioning, retro commissioning, and recommissioning can control energy costs through improved HVAC efficiency.

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Increasing Energy Efficiency & Reducing Costs

Yearout’s team helps our clients achieve substantial cost savings and increased energy efficiency through commissioning, retro commissioning, and recommissioning. Yearout can improve and extend the life of HVAC systems in older buildings through our detailed retro commissioning process. We thoroughly review your existing HVAC system and prepare a plan to increase efficiency and cut energy costs. For new construction we can help you build peak energy performance into the initial HVAC design.

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    What We Do

    • Commissioning
    • Retro Commissioning
    • Recommissioning
    • LEED™ Certification


    The process of commissioning is validating that a new commercial HVAC system works in the way in which it was designed. This applies to a new system in an older building, or an HVAC system designed for a brand new building. Yearout’s Energy Services team can help you design energy efficient HVAC systems that will meet your design objectives.

    Retro and Recommissioning

    Retro commissioning refers to the first time an existing HVAC system goes through the commissioning process. Thereafter it’s referred to as recommissioning. Meaning that companies have an opportunity to extend the life of their HVAC system by regularly going through the recommissioning process. Through a combination of reduced energy usage, increased efficiency, and targeted repairs, our clients have avoided unnecessary capital expenditures. It’s good for the environment – and their bottom line.

    LEED™ Certification

    LEED™ (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a globally recognized building rating system. It is a framework for extremely efficient green buildings. Those companies that achieve LEED™ certification are acknowledged as leaders in sustainability. To attain LEED™ certification, commissioning is a requirement for new construction, and recommissioning is a prerequisite for existing buildings. Yearout’s Energy Services team can help your company reach its green energy goals by increasing your HVAC efficiency or designing energy efficient HVAC systems for your new building.

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