Education Facilities

You want to create safe and reliable learning environments, and we want to help. Our education facility systems design, installation, management, and maintenance services make that possible.

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Trusted School Maintenance

School maintenance is critical to the health of students, teachers, and staff. Leaky fixtures and pipes can lead to mold that is harmful to your building’s occupants. Ineffective HVAC systems can greatly increase energy costs. Yearout’s school maintenance service technicians will keep your school’s HVAC, plumbing, piping systems, and boiler systems functioning properly for the comfort and protection of students and staff. Yearout’s team is an integral part of our school maintenance program. They will ensure that all systems are working properly and to specification.

New School Construction

The best way to reduce a school building’s energy footprint is to build energy efficiency into the design. Our Capital Projects team has decades of experience designing HVAC, plumbing, and piping systems for new construction commercial buildings. We employ the latest technology to ensure that the new systems we design will fit in seamlessly with your school building’s overall system.

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    What We Do

    • HVAC & Service
    • Energy Services
    • Plumbing & Service, Water Related Systems
    • Planned Preventative Maintenance
    • Design/Build and Design/Assist
    • Boilers & Service
    • Ventilation Management

    Top of the Class

    We offer a Yearout promise to our educational clients: We are dedicated to helping you plan, build, and maintain an exceptional learning environment for your students and staff.

    Yearout’s technicians are experts in HVAC, plumbing and mechanical systems. In addition to designing, fabricating, and installing systems, we’re able to certify, maintain, and repair existing systems—ensuring that your quality air filtration, temperature control, water systems, and general facilities are operating at max performance across your campus.

    All of our services come from in-house, certified experts, allowing us to deliver efficient and reliable solutions, maintenance, and management at the best possible price.

    Energy Services

    Energy usage is the largest controllable operating cost for any school building. It is an effective area to reduce unnecessary overhead costs. Our team offers retro- and re-commissioning services to increase your school building’s energy efficiency. The results are reduced energy consumption and lower school maintenance costs.

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